A Shadow Falls on Our Democracy

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In the first episode of Season 2 of Unconventional Threat, hosts Jonathan Winer and Peter Eisner uncover efforts by extremists to gain control of our government through unconstitutional methods.

With a focus on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Winer and Eisner reveal the unethical tactics being used across the country by forces opposed to fair and impartial elections in order to execute their strategies of

  • gerrymandering
  • voter suppression, and
  • the installation of their loyalists in key election oversight roles.

Their goal is to control the outcome of the 2024 Presidential Election.

It is imperative that all people who value and cherish the democratic ideals of our country learn of this looming Unconventional Threat, and join patriotic Republicans, Democrats, and Independents at the local, county, and state level and take action to Keep Our Republic.

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Article written by Peter Eisner
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