High Crimes

The Corruption, Impunity, and Impeachment of Donald Trump

Two award-winning journalists offer the most comprehensive inside story behind our most significant modern political drama: the House impeachment of Donald Trump.

Having spent a year essentially embedded inside several House committees, Michael D'Antonio and Peter Eisner draw on many sources, including key House leaders, to expose the politicking, playcalling, and strategies debated backstage and to explain the Democrats' successes and apparent public failures during the show itself.

High Crimes opens with Nancy Pelosi deciding the House should take up impeachment, then, in part one, leaps back to explain what Ukraine was really all about: not just Joe Biden and election interference, but a money grab and oil. In the second part, the authors recount key meetings throughout the run up to the impeachment hearings, including many of the heated confrontations between the Trump administration and House Democrats. And the third part takes readers behind the scenes of those hearings, showing why certain things happened the way they did for reasons that never came up in public.

In the end, having illuminated every step of impeachment, from the schemes that led Giuliani to the Ukraine in 2016 to Fiona Hill's rebuking the Republicans' conspiracy theories, High Crimes promises to be Trump's Final Days.

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High Crimes book by Peter Eisner and Michael D'Antonio
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Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books, Macmillan Audio (Oct. 20 2020)
Language: English
Hardcover: ‎448 pages
ISBN-10: ‎1250766672
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Narrator: Robert Fass
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“A swiftly paced history of the events surrounding the Mueller report and its aftermath...A readable and maddening account of the ongoing constitutional crisis that is the Trump White House.”

“Excellent, very thorough coverage of the Trump Administrations conduct and crime that led to his impeachment. I thought the book was presented in a fair and balanced way, and the author seemed to keep his personal feelings out of it. There was a lot (really, a lot) of information, much that was either not covered by the press or was under-reported. As I write this, Trump is in the final month of his reign, fighting tooth and nail to hang on. It appears that he has learned nothing from his past failures.”
—Randal White on Goodreads

“This book is an unbiased account of the actions of the current administration, focusing on the Mueller investigation, but also discussing other high crimes and misdemeanors allegedly committed by the President and the people around him, including White House staff, personal attorney, and informal advisors. It is chock full of facts, including many, many quotes from the people involved: witnesses, members of Congress, the parties themselves, and my favorite....actual tweets from the President at the beginning of each chapter. I make a habit of always checking all available news sources and I find that the authors have done an impeccable job researching the events surrounding the administration and the writing is superb. I would recommend this book to every American on both sides of the political fence if you want a true accounting of the facts.”
—Jinsok on Amazon

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