Breaking David Kahn’s Code
The famed intelligence historian was a friend and quiet newspaper man PETER EISNER FEB 20, 2024 When my friend and colleague, David Kahn, the journalist and famed cryptologist, died last month at […]...
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A Master Spy for All Time = And Ours
UPDATED Peter Eisner It is altogether fitting that a new biography about Sidney Reilly, one of the most elusive master spies in modern history, should be a slim volume less […]...
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Ben Macintyre is Back with a Monumental War Tale
Ben Macintyre, one of the great contemporary chroniclers of World War II spydom, has now turned his focus to the heroic days of escape and evasion at Colditz Castle, the imposing but surprisingly penetrable fortress that became one of the most folkloric Nazi prisons during World War II....
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When ‘Fake News’ Was a Force for Good
Agents of Influence is Henry Hemming’s engagingly reported story about an audacious British clandestine propaganda campaign to draw the United States into World War Two....
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A Shadow Falls on Our Democracy
First episode of Season 2 of Unconventional Threat, hosts Jonathan Winer and Peter Eisner uncover efforts by extremists......
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The CIA Swamp in a Novel Nutshell
An ex-CIA man’s debut thriller dives deep into politics amid foreign threats Peter Eisner on Spytalk How far would a U.S. government official go to protect secrets and maintain power […]...
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A Perfectly Timed New Spy Thriller
Taylor Moore’s ‘Down Range’ bridges crimes and violence in Afghanistan and Texas Peter Eisner on SpyTalk What happens when a battle-tested undercover operative comes back from Afghanistan? Sure, he can […]...
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The Corruption, Impunity, and Impeachment of Donald Trump

Two award-winning journalists offer the most comprehensive inside story behind our most significant modern political drama: the House impeachment of Donald Trump.

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Award-winning journalist offers the most comprehensive inside story behind our most significant modern political drama.



High Crimes

“A swiftly paced history of the events surrounding the Mueller report and its aftermath...”

Kirkus Reviews,
New York City

The Shadow President

“It presents an entirely damning portrait of Pence. You've seen his colors before, but not so vividly and in this detail.”
Frank Bruni,
The New York Times

MacArthur’s Spies

“It’s a barn-burner of a story, a fight for love and glory, and Eisner’s impeccable research and reporting bring it to life. Here’s looking at you, Claire.”
Washington Post

The Italian Letter

“… is my choice for a brilliantly researched, jaw-dropping book that ought to be on every politician’s reading list this week.”
—Laurie Garrett, author, journalist, winner of the Pulitzer and Polk prizes