Ben Macintyre is Back with a Monumental War Tale

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Ben Macintyre, one of the great contemporary chroniclers of World War II spydom, has now turned his focus to the heroic days of escape and evasion at Colditz Castle, the imposing but surprisingly penetrable fortress that became one of the most folkloric Nazi prisons during World War II

Colditz Castle Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Macintyre specializes in revisiting and recasting stories once told, employing exhaustive research and impartial analysis, breathing new life and reality into his stories. His splendid work in the espionage sphere has drawn raves for years. One recent book, Operation Mincemeat, for example, updated and corrected the story of The Man Who Never Was, a successful British ploy that floated fake intel documents into the hands of the Nazis on a corpse dressed as a British officer. (READ AT SPYTALK)

Article written by Peter Eisner
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