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Peter Eisner

Message from friend after elections: So now, are you finally breathing easier?

Answer no.

Look, the dude won’t go away on his own. He is thinking of holding a rival event on January 20 during the inauguration. His calculation: the media will keep covering him. Television and social media will continue to provide the oxygen.

How do we account for 73 million people who voted for the dude?

They need answers, we need a strategy, they need economic support, they need more than your disdain.

A tweet this morning from a prominent oncologist in Cincinnati:

Syed A. Ahmad




Just got an email from work that our hospital is full and all elective surgical cases have been cancelled. No transfers allowed to hospital. Driving home, passed a restaurant that was full. Shaking my head. Frustrated is an understatement.

We live in separate realities

Recommended reading: Heather Cox Richardson’s daily blog. Today, she includes this quote from a reporter:

“hard-hit communities still don’t believe COVID is real. Misinformation is rampant.” Burns told of patients who, according to nurses, “don’t believe they have COVID until they’re in critical condition.”

And her comment:

Trump’s vision is destroying faith in our electoral system and spreading death. It is destabilizing our democracy, an outcome that helps those who are eager to see America’s influence in the world decline.

When the Supreme Court is tilted toward unreality, we are screwed.

The Supremes voted 5-4 to allow religious organization to propagate the virus with trumped up reasoning. Dissenting opinion from : justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan:  

The majority is "second-guessing the expert judgment of health officials about the environments in which a contagious virus, now infecting a million Americans each week, spreads most easily.”

Mitch McConnell will perpetuate indecency in the Senate if he is able to after January 5.

What will happen in the Georgia runoffs?

By the way, why are people on TV wasting even a minute in discussing giving cabinet posts to Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? How does either of them get confirmed by, a Republican senate? And, in Warren's case, how do you let a Republican governor replace her in the senate?

Some suggest that, as with Nixon and Bush, Biden should let bygones be bygones with Trump’s misdeeds.

This is a danger. An independent judiciary must examine and apply the blind balance of justice. Recommended reading: Andrew Weissmann in the New York Times.

Holier than thou media during the upcoming Biden administration:

A headline in The New York Times on Sunday, November 30:

Biden Aides’ Ties to Consulting and Investment Firms Pose Ethics Test

Compared to what? Every f…ing appointee in the current executive branch who is stealing and operating with disdain and incompetence?

Right-wing crazies perpetuating garbage in public discourse and violence.

Left-wing of the Democratic Party not maintaining a sense of proportion and eschwing pragmatism.

Happy Days!

Article written by Peter Eisner
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